Welcome to CBMUN

CBMUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations hosted by the Literary and Public Speaking Society at IoBM. This event aims to educate participants on all the aspects that are transforming the world we live in with every passing second. Matters of the utmost importance in international relations, world affairs, globalization and civics are discussed in real terms. Conference dates are 7-9 Feb 2014 and the event will be held at IoBM Main Campus.


Diplomacy: the art of restraining power.

Owais Haider Khan Swati


"Since its inception, six years ago as an intra-level MUN, CBMUN has come a long way to become one of the most revered national level platforms, where students are provided with an opportunity to voice their thoughts, nourish their public speaking skills and hone the art of effective diplomacy . Each year, we welcome delegates from diverse backgrounds to vigorously deliberate, discuss and resolve issues pertaining to the world today.This year we pay a tribute to the efforts of all those individuals who have been involved with CBMUN over the years. We stand proud hosting the 6th installment of the College of Business Management Model United Nations 2014. We at CBMUN will provide you a chance to stand up and question the status quo. So this February, let the voice inside you conquer the world. Remember Knowledge is the key, and success never comes without hard work. I wish you all the best of luck for your endeavors. Regards."

Raz Muhammad Phulpoto

Vice President

"I welcome you at the College of Business Management Model United Nations 2014. For six years and counting, the Literary and Public Speaking Society, one of the most popular student societies of IoBM, ferries you across an isle to access frontiers of intellect and prudence. At the same time, the popularity of the conference is growing enormously and has tremendously been endorsed as the fountain of savoir-faire. This year, we have come up with a new spirit, hope and a promise. The spirit that will make sure you have the best time of this year at CBMUN, the hope that you will focus and rise above the mental clutter and the promise that you will witness the greatest transformation of self. Your success will be determined by how you turn conflicts into opportunities and resort to strategies that make sure you make your opponents feel comfortable. Best Regards."

Avinash Talreja

General Secretary

"The 3 days of CBMUN is where you make IoBM your home. From firing arduous debating sessions to thrilling and intriguing social events; we make sure you do not put your feet to rest and all your energy and time is well invested. We, at LPSS, are all courteous and energetic, always willing to go that extra mile to ensure that your debating as well as social needs are accommodated. CBMUN will leave you with not just a great learning experience but a time and moments that you shall never forget."

Shahnoor Shafi

Executive Director - Marketing

"CBMUN is one of the biggest yearly events held at IoBM where the entire LPSS family works hard to ensure that each and every participant enjoys to the fullest. Committee sessions, debates, arguments, resolutions, as well as fun-filled social events. In short, work by day and party at night. We offer a complete package where we not only groom your public speaking abilities but help in bringing out the party animal in you. Experience CBMUN atleast once and you yourself will be coming back for more. That is a guarantee!"

Momina Khan Jadoon

Executive Director - Publications and Debates

"I have contained my exhilaration for almost a year now, and I am excited to welcome you all to the much awaited CBMUN 2014 Like each year, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that all our delegates have an incredible time, not just in terms of the fun and amusement, but also in terms of the learning, through productive debates and deliberation. Grab this opportunity and make the most out of your time in the committee sessions, Speak out and let your opinion be heard, and at the end of the day-party like there is no tomorrow. I hope you take back great memories, and cherish them for years to come. Happy CBMUN-ing!"

Faheem Malik

Executive Director - Events

"This year, in February 2014, we bring you the 6th installment of CBMUN. Our team puts in every bit of their effort to make it grand each year. Starting the day with committee sessions and ending it with socials such as MUNFERNO; everything reflects the hard work being put in. The first time I attended CBMUN was as a delegate and later on as a member of the Organizing Committee. This year, I will be heading CBMUN as the Executive Director Events. I assure you, this time it will be even bigger and better."


Day 1

The opening ceremony started with an infectious air of excitement in the IoBM auditorium, where the delegates were warmly greeted by the President of the Literary and Public Speaking Society. After a brief introduction of the Committee Directors, the delegates were ushered to their respective committee rooms. The debates turned intense with each passing minute, leaving the delegates exhausted by the last committee session for the day. But their excitement and enthusiasm came back in full swing, as they were seen dancing crazily to the beats of the loud music. The Global Mashup at the Vanity Cafe was definitely a social event loved by all.


The delegates were exuberant despite the previous nights fatigue, keeping the committee sessions interesting with their powerful arguments. The entertainment session marked the lighter side of the day, with hilarious anonymous chits being passed on to the committee Directors. At the much awaited social event MUNferno, the delegates and the Organizing Committee played water fight, which was followed by soothing music and delicious food at the bonfire.Later, Asim Azhar and others made the night a remarkable one with their amazing vocals.


The delegates welcomed the third day of the conference with commendable vigor, as they worked towards getting their resolutions passed. The committee sessions came to an end, and emotions ran high amid the delegates and the organizing committee. The All that Jazz themed formal dinner and closing ceremony marked the end of CBMUN 2013.The awards for outstanding diplomacy were announced and the delegates celebrated. The secretariat and the organizing committee were seen dancing, lost in their own moves, unwinding after three hectic days. And then it ended - how everyone wished they could make time stand still.